John Skillman's Barb City Stompers
DeKalb Blues
featuring Roy Rubinstein
Delmark DE 252

Traditional jazz clarinetist John Skillman is the leader of the Barb City Stompers in Dekalb, IL (where barb wire was invented). He also leads the New Orleans Nighthawks in Florida and the co-leader of the Coast to Coast Jazz Band. For the past 31 years, he has been the clarinetist in the Buck Creek Jazz Band. He also is the clarinetist for both the Chicago Hot Six Jazz Band, and for the CanAmGer Jazz Band. His style ranges from down-town New Orleans to Chicago to Swing. John Skillman, clarinet; Roy Rubinstein, trombone; Larry Rutan, guitar; Roger Hintzsche, bass; Aaron Puckett, drums; Diana Skillman, vocals (on two songs). "DeKalb Blues", "Lady Be Good", Millenburg Joys", "Hindustan" and nine more. Also available Roy Rubinstein's Chicago Hot Six, Shout `Em (Delmark 227).


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