Ari Brown Venus Delmark DE-504 $15.99

Ari Brown is one of the busiest and most versatile musicians in Chicago though his highest profile gigs have often involved working or recording as sideman to Lester Bowie, Elvin Jones and Anthony Braxton to name a few. Ari blends two traditions; the Chicago tough tenor and the AACM. He melds them into one voice. And no matter how far out he takes the music it still remains accessible and enjoyable. In the Chicago Reader Neil Tesser described Ari's debut album, Ultimate Frontier (Delmark 486), as a "flavorful tour de force sustained by a soulful spirituality". Venus maintains that spirituality but also showcases Ari's live performance feel. Features eight new original compositions.

Song List:
1. Oui Lee
2. Trane's Example
3. Roscoe
4. Venus
5. Quiet Time
6. Baldhead Gerald
7. Oh What A World We're Living In
8. Rahsaan In The Serengeti

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