Roscoe Mitchell Quartet In Walked Buckner Delmark DE-510 $15.99

Roscoe Mitchell is one of the most significant musicians of his generation. He transformed jazz, opening its borders without betraying its integrity. Sound (Delmark 408), from 1966, was the very first AACM recording and a truly historic album. The Art Ensemble of Chicago sprang forth from the Roscoe Mitchell Art Ensemble. In Walked Buckner is a sibling to Hey Donald (the Roscoe Mitchell Quartet's '94 recording, Delmark 475); a sibling but no identical twin. One difference is the replacement of Malachi Favors by Reggie Workman whose musical relationship with Roscoe has matured through a number of concerts over the past few years. With Jodie Christian, Reggie Workman and Albert "Tootie" Heath.

Song List:
1. Off Shore
2. In Walked Buckner
3. Squeaky
4. The Le Dreher Suite
5. Three Sides Of A Story
6. Till Autumn
7. Fly Over
8. Opposite Sides

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