Kalaparush And The Light
Morning Song
Delmark DG 553

Tenor saxophonist Kalaparush Maurice McIntyre recorded as sideman on the legendary first AACM recording, Roscoe Mitchell's Sound (Delmark 408). He went on to record Humility In The Light Of Creator (Delmark419) and Forces And Feelings (Delmark 425). Though he was continually active on the New York avant-garde scene, Kalaparush didn't return to the Delmark roster for 27 years until 1997's Return Of The Lost Tribe (Delmark 507) by the group Bright Moments. Here Kalaparush leads his own trio with Jesse Dulman on tuba and Ravish Momin on drums. Morning Song is an amazing document presenting Kalaparush's musical beauty, simplicity, power and spirituality.

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