Keefe Jackson's Project Project
Just Like This

CD: Delmark DE 580

What a colorful group of musicians -- Project Project is among the liberated wonders of our century. This 12-player circus has been together since 2005, and even among free-jazz mavericks they're an especially varied group. The trombonists are a cranky pair of virtuosos. For lyricism hear the post-Ornette clarinetist James Falzone and the post-Konitz reedman Guillermo Gregorio. Instead of Ellington's Cootie and Rex, we have trumpeter Jaimie Branch and cornetist Josh Berman. A bold tubaist, two high-energy woodwind artists, and a rhythm section that performs daredevil acrobatics also star in the show. The most remarkable of them all is their leader, tenor saxophonist-clarinetist-composer Keefe Jackson. Just Like This features six new original compositions with amazing charts.

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