Otis Rush - Cold Day In Hell Delmark DE-638


Guts. That's what this record is all about: Otis Rush's days in hell, and the tentative joys of returning above ground. Everything about Otis Rush says guts: his squeezing, piercing guitar, his raw-boned, blood-tinged vocals, his lyrics, full of a profound sense of the trips men and women lay on each other - and most of all, his courage to open up from the inside and let all this out in his music.

Song List:
1. Cut You A Loose
2. You're Breaking My Heart
3. Midnight Special
4. Society Woman
5. Mean Old World
6. All Your Love
7. Cold Day In Hell
8. Part Time Love
9. You're Breaking My Heart (Alternate Take)
10. Motoring Along

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Otis Rush - Cold Day In Hell

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