Big Wheeler's - Bone Orchard Delmark DE-661

Chicago blues vocalist and harmonica player Golden "Big" Wheeler had his own band in 1956, but worked a day gig as he floated in and out of the music buisness for the next thirty five years. Now music comes first. Wheeler and the Ice Cream Men are dedicated to the traditional blues form; their purpose is to return to the 50's style of playing.

Song List:
1. Bad Bacon Baby
2. I Got A Feeling I Got The Blues
3. Bone Orchard
4. You Got Me Messed Up
5. Hell Bound Man
6. She Loves Another Man
7. Evil Woman
8. Down In Virginia
9. Katie Blues
10. Damn Good Mojo
11. Everybody Needs Somebody
12. Man Or Mouse
13. Chains Of Love
14. Bad Bacon Baby (Alternate)

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Big Wheeler - Bone Orchard

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