Carey Bell heartaches and pain Delmark DD-666

In his early Chicago years, Carey Bell learned from maestros Little Walter Jacobs and Big Walter Horton, also working as a bass player while refining his harp skills. His talen and adaptability led to dozens of sessions over the years backing up everyone from Muddy Waters and Willie Dixon to the Staple Singers. Carey Bell is a true patriarch of Chicago blues and, in the words of his longtime European promoter Horst Lippman, "the Senior Master of the blues harp."

Part of our Ralph Bass series. Includes the first recording of Lurrie Bell.

Song List:
1. Carey Bell Rocks
2. Heartaches And Pains
3. One Day You're Gonna Get Lucky
4. Black-Eyed Peas
5. So Hard To Leave You Alone
6. Stop That Train, Conductor
7. Everything's Gonna Be All Right
8. Capri Crash

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Carey Bell - Heartaches and Pain

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