Lurrie Bell Mercurial Son Delmark DE-679

CD $15.99

Lurrie Bell, born in Chicago in 1958, has led a life immersed in the blues. Son of a bluesman and an original member of the Sons of Blues with Freddie Dixon and Billy Branch, Lurrie has never been mercurial about his devotion to the blues. This is Lurrie's first recording as a leader. With special guest Big Time Sarah.

"Year's Best Blues Record" -- Gary Giddins Village Voice

Song List:
1. Your Daddy Done Tripped The Trigger
2. Your Wild Thing Ain't Wild Enough (Instrumental)
3. Sweet Daddy Rest In Peace
4. Blues In The Year One-D-One
5. Just One Hour Behind The Sun
6. Lurrie's Cool Groove
7. Tell Me About Your Love
8. Longview Texas Trainwreck
9. Voo-Doo Whammy #2
10. Lurrie Bell's Hipshank (Vocal)
11. Blues All Around Me
12. West Side Woman
13. Voo-Doo Whammy #1
14. Your Wild Thing Ain't Wild Enough (Vocal)
15. Lurrie Bell's Hipshank (Instrumental)

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Lurrie Bell - Mercurial Son

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