Ken Saydak Foolish Man
Delmark DE-725 $15.99

Ken Saydak is finally stepping out as a front man showcasing himself fully on his own somewhat unconventional terms. Ken's skills shine through as a master of deep blues, swing, New Orleans gumbo and their honky tonkin' cousins. Foolish Man represents a lot of good things revolving loosely around the Chicago blues piano tradition, delivered with good feeling and a serious intelligence and craft. It won't take the listener any time to heed the call of the enticing mix of good times and thoughtful reflection. Enjoy the fun! Notes enclosed by Dick Shurman.

Song List:
1. Mama Please
2. Ain't Found The Answer Yet
3. Where Is My Life?
4. Time I Spend Alone
5. Crazy Arms
6. Just To Hold My Hand
7. Shoppin' And Snackin'
8. Foolish Man
9. Save Her Doctor
10. Mother Earth
11. This Little Girl Of Mine
12. Walkin' Thing
13. Thinking And Drinking

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Ken Saydak - Foolish Man

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