Syl Johnson Talkin Bout Chicago
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Syl Johnson is a unique stylist and one of the greatest singers of Chicago blues, R&B and soul. He comes from a distinguished musical family; his brothers include Jimmy Johnson and Magic Sam's longtime bassist Mac Thompson. In '71 Syl went to Hi Records for six years of some of his best work with producer Willie Mitchell including three outstanding albums and the evergreen "Take Me To The River." Other huge hits included "Diff'rent Strokes", "Come On Sock It To Me" and "Is It Beacuse I'm Black". Off the scene for awhile, Syl made a glorious comeback with Back In The Game (Delmark 674). With twelve new originals, a revisit to "Diff'rent Strokes" and a tribute to Magic Sam, Talkin Bout Chicago is dynamite!

Song List:
1. Come On With It
2. Cheryl
3. Sweet Dynamite!
4. Talkin' Bout Chicago
5. Diff'rent Strokes (B.E.T.)
6. I'm Back Into You
7. Different Kind Of Man
8. Surrounded
9. Caribbean Beach
10. Get Free - Call Me
11. Trade Secret
12. Finger Lickin' Good
13. All Night Long
14. Woo-Wee!

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Syl Johnson - Talkin' About Chicago

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