Lurrie Bell Blues Had A Baby
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Regardless of how many times one hears Lurrie Bell he will do something to surprise you. To say he is creative and inventive is an understatement - each time he picks up the guitar he seems to have forgotten where the limits are, what boundaries existed the last time he played, and he fearlessly sets out on a new exploration. Blues Had A Baby is as good and honest a representation as you're likely to find of Lurrie's talents without popping into a Chicago blues club, having your head spun around by an impromptu `just sitting in' set by one of the true originals of modern Chicago blues.

Song List:
1. Givin' Me A Hard Time
2. Got My Eyes On You
3. You're The One
4. Rapid Transit
5. Mean Black Spider
6. Blues Had A Baby
7. Lurrie's Walk
8. Mean Old Frisco
9. Five Long Years
10. Who Do You Love?
11. Raised On The Blues
12. I'll Be Your 44
13. If I Had A Hammer
14. Mary Had A Little Lamb
15. Rollin' & Tumblin'

Reaction Report:

"Perhaps the most talented blues guitarist of his generation...eclectic, accidental genius.'
- The Boston Phoenix

"If there is one Chicago blues child who perhaps epitomizes the blues life, its Lurrie Bell...the premier guitarist in the Windy City."
- Boston Blues News

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Lurrie Bell - Blues Had a Baby

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