Frank Morey The Delmark Sessions
Delmark DE-764 $15.99

It's Wolf and Waits, Louie and Leonard (Cohen, that is). It's thumping bass that could be behind Charlie Feathers or J.B. Lenoir. It's a trap set from a burlesque theater and it's the kid who wanted to sound like Beiderbecke. It's Route 66 taking you west and Old Route One bringing you up the California coast and home. And it's literate. (After all, Lowell, MA is also the home of Jack Kerouac.) Literate, sure. But not enough to get in the way of a good time. Frank Morey, vocals, guitar, harmonica; Joe "Tubb" Faria, bass; Scott Pittman, drums; and guest Rick "Cookin'" Sherry, harmonica, clarinet. Recorded in June, 2002 The Delmark Sessions features nineteen originals and seventy minutes of music.

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