Magic Sam
Rockin Wild In Chicago
Delmark DG-765 $15.99

Even though he has now been gone for longer than his 32 year life span, Magic Sam continues to epitomize the “west side” school of Chicago blues musicians. His finger-plucked fleet-fingered long lines, screaming bends and squeezed chords, hand vibrato, driving rhythms and trademark tremolo added up to an explosive package which still draws constant attempts at replication from his many disciples. The quavering melisma in his voice and its counterpart guitar tremolo combined to give his music an ethereal undulating quality. Nobody rocked the blues any wilder than Magic Sam did, especially in front of his home crowd in Chicago. Complete notes enclosed by Dick Shurman

The Copacabana October 2, 1966

Magic Sam, vocals, guitar
Mac Thompson, bass
Odie Payne, Jr., drums
Shakey Jake, vocals (2,6,7)

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