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Paul Giallorenzo Trio

Delmark 5026

Pianist + composer Paul Giallorenzo (GitGO, Hearts & Minds) assembles a new trio for his second Delmark release, featuring the dynamic and deeply swinging rhythm section of bassist Joshua Abrams and drummer Mikel Avery. Covering wide terrain, from energetic swing to bluesy soulfulness to sonic exploration, these original compositions further Giallorenzo's exploration of improvising within and without melodic, rhythmic, and formal structures.  Together, this unit creates music that is deeply embedded in the tradition with a sound and feeling that is personal and contemporary.

a-frolick-ing 4:30
rolling 7:28
fractures   5:28
interstice a 5:53
darkness 6:42
flipd scrip 10:01
over/under 5:25    
lightness 5:14
interstice b  6:09
a way we go  4:01

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